Collaborative Assessment

Collaborative assessment is a great fit for many individuals. Most of us have questions about ourselves, such as:

  • Why do I keep finding myself in relationships where I am mistreated?
  • Am I really as controlling and rigid as my partner suggests?
  • My husband/wife says that something bad that happened to me is impacting our relationship, but I think I am over it. Can an assessment help resolve this?
  • I feel like I have really low self-esteem. Do I?
  • Are there things about me that I am not realizing that are impacting my ability to be more patient with my kids?
  • Why can’t I seem to stick with a career I like?
  • I have been in therapy for years, and I am stuck. Is there something I am missing?
  • I wonder if there is something about me that makes it hard for me to get to know people?

…..and so many more!


What is collaborative therapeutic assessment?

Collaborative therapeutic assessment is an approach to psychological assessment designed by Stephen Finn and colleagues at the Center for Therapeutic Assessment in Austin, TX. This model of assessment, developed by leading clinicians and researchers in the field of assessment, differs from a traditional assessment model in that it is far more collaborative.  The questions that the assessment aims to answer are primarily asked by the individual, rather than simply initiated from a referring professional. Referring professionals are viewed as additional collaborators and, if they and the client agree it’s appropriate, they can be included in the process. Click here to learn even more about it.


Is this right for me?  What does this actually look like?  

If you have questions about yourself, then it may be right for you. Many people love to take personality tests that are given in magazines, various internet sites, and in social media, and this is a chance to take tests that are professional, based in empirical research, and personally useful.

Step 1: we spend 60 to 90 minutes sitting together talking about you, your life, and developing a short list of questions.

Step 2: You will complete a series of assessment measures, typically taking no more than 1-2 hours. While there may be occasions that I administer the tests, in most cases you complete the work on a computer, either in my office or in the comfort of wherever you have privacy and internet access. The specific tests I will recommend will vary entirely based on your questions, thus the selection is tailored specifically to you.

Step 3: I will score, analyze, and then write up a feedback report to give you when we meet. We will next have a feedback session where we discuss your questions, the answers that have emerged from the work you have done, and any additional recommendations.

What kind of recommendations do you give?

This completely varies based on the person. Sometimes, a collaborative therapeutic assessment is an intervention in and of itself. Someone might realize that they are more introverted than they ever realized, and that their reluctance to socialize as much as their friends is nothing pathological, but simply reflective or a personality trait. Someone else might realize that they have some clinical indicators that are consistent with depression, and that this might be worth additional pursuit with a therapist or psychiatrist. Clients who come in after feeling stuck, personally or with a therapist, may leave with a fresh list of insights and realizations to discuss. You are welcome to include any other professionals, friends, or family members in the feedback session.

 What next?

If this interests you, please give me a call or send me an e-mail. We can discuss whether this might be the right fit for you.